Our Team

As all good things, our team has formed rather spontaneously and miraculously. Each member has been through various expericences with animals (good and bad) and eventually came to conclusion that something needs to be done to help. It may have started by sending money here and there to help various rescues, but grew into something larger than anyone has expected. Now, we are all in it for life! Join us if you feel the same way!


Founder, President, Adoption Coordinator, Foster, Volunteer

Nothing brings me more joy than being able to help animals, especially the most vulnerable, find a loving home and go on to lead fulfilling and happy lives. I've had dogs all my life and know that their love is pure and unrelenting. That's why I work hard to try to give people the gift of having their own pet to love; knowing that they are also saving a life and bringing so much happiness to these pure souls.


Vice President, Volunteer, Foster and Adoption Coordinator

Recently joining the "obsessed dog lover" world, I am quickly learning how amazing it is. I have always proclaimed myself to be a "cat person", but I can certainly say both cat and dogs are equally awesome now! At my home, I have a 3 y.o. Eastern European Shepherd, Zeus, a 2.5 y.o. cat Xeena that we rescued from the street and, our latest addition, Gigi a dog that came from an overcrowded shelter in Russia. They are all best of friends and it is so sweet to watch them play together every day. Who ever came up with a phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" was so wrong! Our family has also fostered a quite few of our FTI doggies as well! It's such a rewarding experience! The way some of the animals get treated across the globe is truly sickening and I am a strong believer in: "You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed" This responsibility drives me to help any animal in need.


Treasurer, Volunteer, Adoption Coordinator, Foster

For as long as I can remember (and probably even before that) - I loved dogs. Even as a little girl growing up in Ukraine, I brought home a little furball that we named Juliette. As soon as we arrived to the US, we got a dog... and then another... Currently, I also have two dogs: an adopted greyhound and a miracle rescue girl, Ritza, saved by Russian volunteers. A dog is a whole world and a rescue dog is an entire universe. Not yet well expored, but so interesting... It is amazing to watch a dog explore the new environment around, begin to learn and slowly trust... And, suddenly, they stop being afraid, they smile, they wiggle their tail, they lick your face and kiss you. It is then, you realize that love and care does create miracles! Rescuing a stray animal, you are giving them a chance in life. Let's give more chances and save more lifes!