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Scan the QR code to donate

Scan the QR code to donate

Recent money donation by Iscra

We've gotten so absolutely lucky in finding an amazing foster mom, Iscra! This kind and patient woman not only took in our boy Bingo for fostering and decompression period after his travels from Russia, but decided to give him a forever home. After going above and beyond, Iscra has also made a large money donation to our organnizations, so we could help rescue more tails in need! We thank you from the buttom of our hearts for all your kindness and all that you do!

Money donation from Dina and Larisa

Larisa is one of our wonderful team members and she has dedicated her birthday presents this year to our cause! Her daughter Dina has made a very large and generous donation that will enable us to transport, provide gps trackers and find families for so many doggies this year! Thank you so so much!

Blanket donations by Al and family

We want to express our deepest gratitude to a Al and his wonerful family for donating blankets towels and sheets to our rescue. Our doggies and kitties are ever so grateful to be cuddling up in these cozy things. See photos: 1. Our animals are checking out the huge donation pile 2. Al's family with doggie. Al, thank you so very much!!!